This Green Thing…


Now I am sure some of you out there are wondering, “What is this Green thing all about?” or be honest- “I don’t care/give a hoot about this. Why should I?”

    Here is why you should be more environment friendly:

Someone once said to me, “You care more about the environment than you care about human beings”. If someone says that to you, what would you say? That person is not just making an assumption but also a false accusation about what you really do and stand up for. When we say “environment friendly”, we’re not just talking about the animals and plants, flora and faunas out there, we’re also talking about us. Directly or in-directly, whatever we do to this and on this Earth will make a big impact on how we live and how we will live in the years to come. So when you hear “environment friendly”, you’re basically hearing “everything friendly”.

A better lifestyle. Being environment friendly is about how we live. It touches on all aspects of our life- our health, culture, the way we travel, fashion, design and just about anything you can think about. So let’s say you “don’t care” about the environment; you don’t care about your health, you pile your body with junk food, fast food, additives, food colouring day-in and day-out, no exercise, no fresh air, just computer sit-ins during your weekend. Result? Low (not to mention, bad) energy, problems with your digestive system (from all the gunk that you ‘feed’ your body with) and just a horrible state of well-being, in a whole. Do you want to live like that? I wouldn’t want to live like that.

Being human and humane. Being environment friendly is about utilizing the fruits of our Earth in the right way and not exploiting it. It is not wrong to eat meat as long as we do it in the right manner such as, animals in the process, should not be treated with cruelty. Being green is also about not exceeding, and not being greedy. This is especially so when it comes to food. Stop before you are full and don’t pile on more rice or pitas before you’ve finished what you already have on your plate. Switch of the lights when you leave the room. Turn off the tap when you brush your sweaky teeth clean. Ta-da! It’s easier than you know it!

Being happy and free. Be free of chemicals from your body. Want to look at life from a different angel? Take it easy, go organic. Sure, it is more expensive than what you might be purchasing now, but it is worth it and good for your body, mind and soul! Instead of eyeing on that designer bag or pair of shoes that you just don’t need, save the money and use it to get better quality products – natural, organic food!

Less wastage in your home. If you want to reduce your trash, take it easy on the plastics, my friend. Be wary on the packaging when you purchase goods. That plastic bag? Do you need it? Ask yourself that. If you choose to ignore, well, imagine that plastic bag and a million others covering a whole lot of land on a rubbish dump. It takes about 500 years for plastic to degrade into the ground. Heck! I don’t even know if there’ll be real soil or ground to walk on by then!

All-in-all, it is great to be environment (sorry, everthing) friendly because it is just instinctive to me. It is a way to connect on all levels -spiritually, mentally and physically- to our surroundings; to Mother Nature, to be precise. It is a wonderful gift not only to yourself but to the rest of the world, to humanity when you can help better this Earth by acting on your words.

Love and more love,


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