We are No More

When we are sitting in our living rooms,
others are out there
burning our trees
into big mushrooms.

When we are playing with our lives,
some are out there
trashing through fields
and endless mountains of trash.

When we are laughing with glee,
I see people outside
pouring poison
onto our plates.

When we sing and dance outside,
I see those inside
raping our air
with acid, with no care.

Is this where we choose to live?
We can go no where else!
Are these the fruits that we give?
We can provide no less!

When we hold our heads high,
I see children growing into their pods;
Fear diminish their truth
into a powerless few.

There is…
No more land,
Just more plans.

There is…
No more hands,
But more clans.

[for Blog Action Day]


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