Green Gathering #2

Firstly, I apologize for not updating… But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been green-ing along!

It is now the semester break before my friends and I go into our first year degree in university. One of my goals during this break is to have another ‘Green Gathering’ with my friends. -Go to the beach/park, pick up trash and chill at our gathering place or the nearest Mamak stall :).

The first Green Gathering ‘Pick Up Your Act’ was at one of the beaches before Batu Ferringhi with my good friends Aishah, Farhana, Shalini and Sangita. We spent an hour or so bending down, reaching for un-identified objects and some identified ones such as bottle caps, toothbrush, burnt plastic and medicine bottles. There, we saw some people who were responsible (or paid) to clean up the beach, but it didn’t look like they aimed to recycle any of those trash -plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, etc. So, we washed and seperated the recyclable materials and recycled them.

After picking up the trash, we had a nice, green picnic -no plastic bags what-so-ever.

If you’re interested and will be in Penang for the next Green Gathering, do let me know. For now, the details:

-Place: to be decided (give me some ideas, people!)
-Date / Day: 12th April 2008 / Saturday
-Time: 8.30AM – 12 noon (latest)
-Do bring: a good pair of gloves, your own water bottle/drink, and an open mind!


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