Looking for a Miracle, Miracles are Ordinary

I just came back from an artist-activist workshop and I have to say, it has been very interesting, especially since I haven’t been a participant for quite sometime now for any programme.. My expectations was pretty hopeful and I like looking for the deep and insightful. But then I realized I didn’t have to push it, or beg for it like someone looking for a saviour.. It is that I already knew what I wanted to know, and I just needed to know that.

We touched on so many Malaysian and Islamic issues, but there is this overall sense and feel to the whole three days and this is what I’ve learnt:

-It’s okay to be wrong… No one is really ever or always right (though it’s a must to try).

-It’s not the matter of choosing an issue for your project (sometimes we have so many in mind, we don’t know where to start first). An issue usually flies onto your lap (because it has been right under your nose for all this time!), and then the hard work begins… For me, it has been environment and refugee rights. They keep coming back to me, as if yelling out, “Do something already!”

Mencari Kartika

Go See the Screening! Wednesday, 26th May! 8PM @ Shah Village Hotel, PJ

-Everyone has a story, every story has a face. The documentary Finding Kartika was screened and though others highlighted or noticed different things, I felt more connected to the person behind the whole media outraw. Though I may not 100% understand it, I know more about it, and this means so much, making me break my own ill judgements.

-Writer’s block is a myth! & Laziness is only for geniuses! (And there are geniuses who can’t even write)

-Sharing is caring, caring is boring! …What I think it means is, we need some new ideas, new phrases, arghahahaa let’s move on already!

-Look for mentors, role models, or peers to ask questions, get inspired, keep you moving and staying connected to the world…. Don’t stop asking and don’t shy yourself from it.

-Health and well-being is important. Don’t neglect yourself. Help yourself = help others.

In the end, I left the workshop feeling that I need to keep moving. Small actions and impacts are important, but we shouldn’t engross ourselves in that until we feel discouraged, guilty, or even depressed. Always see the bigger picture and think ahead. Always, simply, be yourself.

It’s easier said than done… We’re all always looking for a miracle, trying to save the world. But we forget, that miracles are ordinary. They happen everyday, every waking and sleeping moment.

So I’m going to do it. I’m going to start on a project.


Good luck to everyone~ and thank you to all the cool people who made the workshop happen; tears of joy in my eyes & happy heart palpitations to you! …You all inspire me.


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  1. Posted by Adah on May 30, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    It’s true, we must speak less and act more. And if something keeps coming back to us, that’s what we should do, that’s our passion/calling/ministry/path to success for ourselves and for others. Thanks Kim for reminding us.


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