Perspectives & Ideas: Rich You, Poor Me

Lazy day today… What’s the problem with being on a vacation for far too long? You get lazy and a little dreamy. But, It is not to say I haven’t done my fair share of work (why do I sound like I’m proving something?)… I did… But I just can’t re-call…. Hmm..

Ah well.

I’m a dreamer, I’m an idealist,.. and wow, the smell of salty fish for nasi lemak dinner tonight is not making my visions and procrastination any better.

I’ve got ideas, and lots of it… That’s why I’ve opted for an Idea Book (again) like Don and Mylene suggested. I started one and remember writing crazy ideas about the environment to city planning to simply living, and one day, it disappears like you’ve never owned it in the first place, and thoughts remain thoughts. At least when you write it down (like now) or on your diary (like earlier), it stays some place, and perhaps not forever, but like re-using a glass bottle to set flowers in, it’s prolonging its lifespan.

Well, here are some ideas (and thoughts) and you are allowed to steal… and criticize as you wish. 😉

-Encourage adoption.
Instead of having your own children (or marrying more than one wife to have children), governments should encourage people to adopt (see as to an orphan is already born). This can be used to reduce population, enviromental degradation, etc.

-No matter what anyone says, you don’t have to be vegetarian/vegan to be environment-friendly.
It depends on your preference and taste. (I like being vegetarian myself). If you’re going to buy chicken, get ayam kampung/organic chicken, making sure it has been bred with plenty of room to run around, and fed organic and natural foods.

-Keep what you love.
When buying or selecting clothes/things to buy (or keep), choose the things you absolutely LOVE (and I mean CRAZY-IN-LOVE, it screeeeeams out “ME!”) the most, and the things that you’d actually use rather keep it dusty. I like wearing it down and old, knowing that my favouritest item is aging… with me. When you’re left with the things you love (rather than the things that make you go mmm, ya, it’s okay… I guess), then the likeliness of you spending more is decreased.

-Do what you love.
Sure, the experience is great, but if you’re going to hate it, then why is it so hard to say “no”? Maybe it’s because your father, your father’s sister and your mother and your mother’s….. Too much intervention from the outside can make everything muddled. Sometimes it’s nice to sit alone in your room, or lie in bed talking to the ceiling, asking yourself, “What do I want?”. And when you know the answer, just do it.

-Money isn’t everything. It’s more than that.
I remember watching a youtube video, and this guy (dang, I have to find him) had AMAZING ideas, from cooking (by soaking your raw foods in advance before cooking them so that you won’t destroy its vitamins -that’s what our ancestors did) to how to be rich. And the being rich part was what caught me. I’m worried about money. I don’t have any debts, but I feel like I’m living on zero. Years ago, my ancestors were already working their sweat off. Now, I haven’t even finished my degree and I think I kinda love this education thing (when someone’s not stuffing it into my face with prejudice and too much pride)… So I might do this for a while longer.

But anyway… How do I become rich again? The guy on youtube says you’re already rich. (Sorry to disappoint, if you were). See how easy it is to run to a market (or ask your mother) to get fresh foods rather than hunt for your own, or how easy it is to SMS your e-pal who lives on the other side of the world (it was so cool) rather than have to travel months to meet them, or the fact that we have the Internet in the first place to meet people from across the world, …or sanitation system, or indoor heating/cooling systems,.. and the list goes on.

This makes me reflect on a conversation I had with a few friends about money. They were saying that money is a way to gain happiness (and not happiness itself) but I’d have to disagree on the fact that it is a way at all. (You can’t buy happiness). What are we really talking about when we say we want to be rich? Money is something which isn’t solid, it’s relative and ever-changing. So I’d rather say… I’d rather say that it is ideas that make us happy. It’s our thoughts that changes everything; how we look at things, how we look at ourselves, how we make decisions which then make us happy.

The definition of “money” in this 21st century society is a by-product of capitalism and greed. -To woo you away from the things that you should worry and be stressful about, the things that are more meaningful in life.

Though, if it’s all in the mind, money can make you “happy”, if you think it can. But then again so can a plate of donuts, a walk on a beach, a nice talk with a long lost friend…

So I guess what The Book says can be applied to this.

“To you be your way, and to me be mine….”. And I’m happy on my path.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Perspectives & Ideas: Rich You, Poor Me…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…


  2. well, enjoy ur days while u can. =) i wanted to have a book of ideas but it didn’t really work out because i keep thinking i will make a mistake and i need use liquid paper and it will make my book very untidy.. and i hated my book to have such untidiness. i’m pretty useless…. so that’s why i prefer to scribble on paper pieces and then file these papers together.

    RYC: the choir is from my buddhist organisation. well bad day or not … he doesn’t look like he is one every time we see him. he has this dark sense of humour and we don’t know when he will become funny though he is naturally funny but the dorky type. i know the choir teacher is a singing teacher himself somewhere in klang. thinking back is pretty funny. he is there to teach and coach us to sing well. though criticism is accepted but what is the point of criticising our singing skills sucks when we r just newbies? i don’t know why no one highlights this problem.


    • Posted by kookaburra on July 1, 2010 at 11:20 pm

      enjoy the days? i’m more like dreading it… it’s like i’m stuck in the middle. can’t really enjoy it, but can’t really not enjoy it. so many things to do, and somehow time (and God) manages to help me squeeze it all through..

      maybe if you have sub-ideas or different ideas of your main ideas, you shouldn’t erase them with liquid paper, but just write it down again. it’s like writing an article -you don’t throw your old drafts away because they might contain some jewels you can use later on 😉

      i’ve heard of choir and piano teachers having fangs.. not pretty, but you’ll live. lucky for me, i had an assertive but highly respected choir teacher… she sings like crazy, glee casts would be jealous.

      and are you a soprano? i was, but i trained alto. and now, i’m so rusty.


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