How to Say “Thank You”

…in sign language.

Thank You

Just yesterday I stepped out for a late lunch and there they were. -Someone with impaired hearing and speech was going around selling cute little heart-shaped keychains. I saw them in Penang. I saw them in Sarawak, too, and now seeing them in Kuala Lumpur, it left me a little amazed. (How do they organize and standardize everything? -My sisters and I have matching hearts, btw!). Though as limited as my sign language can get, I eyed the person as she walked around the cafe.. I wanted to sign something. After briefly stopping at a few tables, and a few brush-offs (why don’t people ever give a one-minute of their time?), she almost passed my table and that’s when a waitress with a stern frown on her face came to ‘escort’ her out. I quickly pulled out the exact keychain (dangling on my not-iphone handphone) that she was selling and showed it off to her as if saying, “I already have it”. Then I quickly made a “thank you” sign before she turned away and left. She said “thank you” back, and I’m left with a thought –Though I didn’t give her my one-minute, I gave her a smile. And that, as the prophet say “is a charity”.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about getting one, they’re just RM2.50 per piece:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart Luke 10:27

With all my heart

(Apologies for the bad photos, I’m only… 40% techie —but adds a little quirk to it, no?)


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