To Be

I wonder how far the past can follow and actually catch up with you.
In a way, I wonder how the past can haunt you..
But if it’s the past, then it can never be the future. Or can it?
And what about ideas from the past? Rebirth? Renaissance?
And people from the past who come back… exactly the same?

Perhaps it is them who do not change and that is sad…
Though the more you change, the more things stay the same.
(Or so they say, but it sounds so… familiar and comforting).
And so if you do not change according to the present and future,
then you are different….. Because everyone has changed, except you.

Where does the rest of us go, when old school friends say,
“You haven’t changed a bit!!” (Whether it’s good or bad)
When in fact you have, but because of the fact that you’ve changed,
(according to the above-said rule),
they think you’re exactly the same…..


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