Things I Love… Everyday

by Derek Gavey

I went to sleep last night with Pablo Neruda’s Memoirs floating through my tongue and thoughts of my Rohingya friends that we visited the day before. It’s amazing how although our friends might come from different cultures and ideals, that we come to agree on crazily crucial things. -Like how the Palestinian issue, for example, cannot now be advocated as something “religious”. It goes beyond that, it’s a human rights issue and this involves everyone -Muslim or Christian, Black or White.

In my inspiration from, I have now created my own love lists of the world!

I heart…

soda POP drinks in glass bottles, walking in a city at night with all the (star)*lights* come out to dance, essential oils to end the day with, poetry to soak my mind, book window shopping (leo tolstoy, i will finally read youuU!!), smiles & strangers, hair brushing, head dancing, golden =eyeshadow= to see better-to brighten up your day, wearing pants and noone can say nothing, having nothing to eat & saving money for better days better foods, BOOK CAFES!, arabic class to drown sorrows,, two sweeping ladies making music by suffocating river maybe music will make river feel so better, leafs that have not been ARRESTED, feeling RICH, sleep talking then wake laughing, knowing that good things must past but not always, hazelnut spread, teatea and more tea, nailcuts, jai hind, rohingya crazyyumyum noodles, barefooted, cloudy day, gufetto to look at (will post picture of little owl italian soon!!!), gavin degraw rocks his voice -why is he not better known?, the more you share the greater love is, having my own project with friends my own baby to nurse, komuniti indie @ lunch, dramarama today to slaughter oedipus the king damnthatincestuousblindbeastwhowrotethisfate!!, andandandddd TREES!!! I love TREES


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