Ramadhan Rock the Boat #1

After a late dinner, I now unwrap my late (but nevertheless, very very very appreciated) birthday present from my good friend Asna. It’s sweet and unlikely, touching and extremely personal. I’ve had my fair share of birthday gifts this year (the big TWO-OH-TWO!), and though I’m a Body Shop fan and supporter of their causes, no one has ever gotten me a Body Shop anything. And this brosse pour le bain? -Totally my new thing.

SO. Let’s get down to business.

* * *

It’s officially Ramadhan, and I’m staring weary-eyed at my darling laptop, wondering “What can be different this year?”. Despite the “mass arrest” they had in school, I’m no pessimist to say that things can’t go uphill from there.

So here’s your Ramadhan Rock the Boat # 1 if you’re a student (or generally put, student of life!). I ask you and I call for all to simply BE YOURSELF. -Isn’t that the honest thing to do in a holy month such as this one?

I’m tired of watching ourselves put on a mask like tiresome Greek actors whose real emotions and feelings do not take into account as to how a great tragedy or comedy should be like. If I want to have a big bowl of fried potatoes, no one can stop me, I’m going to do it… Like my friend the Drama Queen says, “When there’s food (or anything else that makes your day), there’s a way”. If I want to wear golden eyeshadow, oh yes I will. If I’m a lady who wants to wear pants and feel liberated, or simply nice, I’m going to do it.

We have teachers telling us to “talk in class”. One of them says, “I want you to be troublemakers in your respective courses.” And when our actions speak louder than words, we are troublemakers!

People who act rudely and shun others for the way they dress, act, or look, should read up on history. -They will be treated in turn with such severity that such rational reaction will come as a shock, rather than as something subtle and expected and respected. There is a limit to testing how rules can be used to control or suppress in order to achieve conformity.

The more there is resistance, the more there is persistence.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

And of course, like good man Mao says, “…[this is] not a tea party. It’s an act of struggle.”


3 responses to this post.

  1. kim!!!
    brosse pour le bain = bath brush šŸ™‚ gigigigi it sounds better in french…

    e’eh “There is a limit to testing how rules can be used to control or suppress in order to achieve conformity.” —-> good poli girl šŸ™‚


    • Posted by kookaburra on August 12, 2010 at 12:13 am

      hehe i love your laugh!
      and asna, i slack off more than i want to! my head’s in the clouds, but i’m happy, oh-so-happy!
      life is beautiful šŸ™‚ and so are us!


  2. TRUE DEAR! life is beautiful … i found love on the very 1st day of Ramadhan!!!

    but it ISN’T TRUE that we are beautiful… we are MORE BEAUTIFUL ok!~~~


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