FunkyFreaks I Oh-So-Love!

Oh wow, it’s like getting hit by a truck, the feeling of being extremly (I don’t like spelling it “extremely”, ick) exhausted… And this is only Day No. 2 of Ramadhan. Today, was the last day of classes this week & thank God for that. We had a quiz & honestly, I don’t fair well in objective/multiple choice questions.. I get all doubtful, or the crazy need for detail mixes it (my mind?) all up. I have to work extra hard & in a totally different manner than if I were to study for a subjective/essay paper. -I mean, can’t we look at the bigger picture? Can’t we come up with our own ideas & creations? Put it in my own words? (Oh, I should stop whining already, I know). But surprisingly, I did better than I would’ve normally did with a subject that (initially) bored me. So yeah. I gots to stop the slacking & pick it right up.

Tomorrow’s breakfast shall be fruits & nut spread with wholemeal bread. Oh yeah! Trying to be healthier than last year’s holy month & though the juicer idea was great, I have yet to utilize it. (Don’t be disappointed with me, Asna.. These are hard times). So note to self: Will find yummy, green juice recipes!

& oh, while we’re all up there with the health & self-improvement funkyfreaks, here are a few somethings to feast your fasting tummy & hearts on:

BIG & BOLD, STRONG & HONEST. -That’s how I’d describe


FUN & ALIVE. -This is like spiritualism + style. I heart Gala!

WISE SOUL & YOUNG HEART. Julia Butterfly Hill’s my idol.


One response to this post.

  1. no i am not darling 🙂

    there is always other time that u can fully utilize ur baby … meow!!!


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