Love List Weekend

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1. Chatting with my sisters ~all the curses & slams!! It’s a nice change rather than heading out the moment I’m able to. Plus, a headache from the night before goes right to my sense of judgment… I just DON’T want to do anything else!!

2. Helping someone, simply by giving an important information. Okay, a friend’s website got hacked. What’s wrong with people these days? Keep your hands to yourselves.

3. Foo Fighters out L-O-U-D to drown shrilling voices from wicked witch from the West! I’m confrontational, but if you run away,… I’ve learned not to run after you. 🙂

4. I’m a #7. Love lovelove! What’s yours? I love taking these personality tests/quizzes. I go “yessss!” if it defines me correctly. I want to go bungy jumping & ocean swimming-with-sperm-whales one day! And travel the world like Ewan McGregor with his best friend!

5. Dreaming about home…. We don’t have Raya cookies, and no family visits. Nada. But we have a closed luncheon/dinner & slumming our bums around at home. I want to paint my nails, get a fresh haircut, read a lot, make-over my organizer, yoga a lot & cool a lot lot more.

6. Loving Amelia Earhart. Gorgeousness. One of my many first ambitions: to be a pilot. Still secretly do… Oh, John Travolta,… watch out!

7. Looking forward to going second/thrift shopping. Just the idea of it makes me smile… I love getting old, cheaper things, but just as good quality as the brand new. And giving away my things? I heart that, too. You can have them. YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL!

8. 2 quizzes & 2 mid-term exams next week. Don’t feel as afraid as I should be… Maybe because the week will end with a holiday :). And maybe it’s because there’s more to life that wasting leafs and trees.

9. Reading the home-made ‘zines (& wearing the friendship bracelets!) Lana & Mira & I got at the Poetry Cup last night. & Me, not getting through the next round, but I’m so elated! Yesterday was so great. I loved renting a car & getting lost with my new-found friends!

10. Reading & drawing… Being hungry for inspiration & love! So many ideas, too many ideas! Arghahahaha!


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