Ramadhan Rock the Boat #2

Let It Go

I’ve forgotten that I’ve even started the Ramadhan Rock the Boat post until I scrolled below my blog for a look!

Oh, too too much excitement this month & I’ve been hit with a headache for 24 hours since we got back last night from the slam… (Though after the hot cocoa, dry brushing, and cold shower, it magically disappeared). Thinking if I should go see a doctor if it returns, though… I always have quack-doubts, never truly trusted them because I never truly get better. Hmm, I see the equation… I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Well, here’s your Ramadhan Rock the Boat #2: Put your ego aside & do what’s best for your body and soul. Being honest with myself sometimes is the hardest, because it usually means that I can’t be honest with others, especially when concerning my soul & relationship with God. …It’s very one-on-one, you see?

Maybe I need to go for a walk to get rid of this ho-hum feeling. (No, I keep telling myself, doctor will do…)

Maybe I should calm down when getting criticized for a poem (the same night I’m about to enter a poetry competition which I blew! Touche!).

Maybe I don’t need to always feel nervous and scared when hanging out, alone, but in public, with… myself.

Maybe I don’t need to always go organic this-and-that; life’s too short (and sometimes too expensive).

And, also, maybe there shouldn’t be any “maybes”. -I have to just do what I’m set out to do. Or want to do. (Determining the difference between the two first).

And most importantly, enjoy the moment of being lost, or found, or lost again.

This week is putting my fears aside. And smiling even more at myself in the mirror. And eating more protein that I have been eating (sooorrryy, will need to get in the vitamins yet again!).

Well, here’s a proper list to set things straight for this week:

1. Make a get-well-soon kit for myself. Being prepared is a good thing, rather than lazing around half-eyed and sulking.

2. Make more love for the universe. A recent blast from the past (okay, the blast isn’t more than two years ago) made me wonder, then smile, then wonder a lot more.

3. Read, write, basically, setting myself on the table with my study books and just… STUDY.

4. Go out on a date with myself. Or with a close friend. Getting a bindi, something colourful, and something really really outrageous.

5. Getting a great, scrumptious, tummy-filling meal. Sounds like something vegetarian Indian. Or Japanese. Or Nigerian. Or Italian… So many choices and only one stomach.. Tsk tsk.

6. That rainbow ice-cream. I’ve craved it for so long now, but when I come across it, I back away.

7. Giving to the world doesn’t mean I have to be at the centre of attention. I can be an active participant. I’d go poetry slam again. But this time, watch. & grab all those fantastic ‘zines & goodies!

8. Write a grateful/appreciation list.


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