Cook-Off for Farhana

The great thing about being home is being around my magical things & having awkward conversations with everyone. Which reminds me, Farhana. We’ve been through happy & sad times together; crazy & awkward times, too. We’ve camped together in the middle of no where with a bunch of strangers, and (I’m not suppose to tell you, but) we’ve also acted as intelligence for a super-secret mission to safe the world.

Most notably, she’s my childhood best friend and will be home today, & I’m thinking about what to cook for her when she comes over. I’ve also thought about what dessert to make for my lil sis when she gets back, & I think you already know! -BLUEBERRY CUSTARD, YUM!

But for my bestie, since I haven’t cooked for you before, here’s what’s on my mind/ideas I’m playing around with:

-Something so healthy, it’ll blow your head off
-Something vegetarian/vegan/organic, you won’t be able to have enough

For the main meal
-My veggie burger/sandwich
-Spinach pasta-ey something
-Baked canneloni; stuffings -capsicums, potatoes, sardines, onions that will seep so softly into the pasta, mmm..

For drinks
-A yummy, green juice
-Organic tea & fruits & minty something

For dessert
-Blueberry custard (oh, but I already know this!)
-Chopped fruits galore!
-Cupcakes? I’ve always been tempted to try eating them with passion, but something stops me because from all the colour (AND colouring), I just don’t want to be disappointed in the end..

For snacks
-Maybe I can make the veggie burger smaller sizes/into tidbits
-My chocolate spread recipe with cute little pieces of bread dipped in it (this is all organic, minus the bread..). Oh, if only I could MAKE my own bread 🙂 Hmm..

Either way, you’re going to arrive with a smile on your face & the high that we always get when we’re around each other!

Babe, put on your best dress, best face & best dance!

See you soon & safe journey home!


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