Ramadhan’s Never Over

Eid literally means “festival” in Arabic, and I’m in the festive mood to eat, sleep, laugh, make a lot of noise & be merry. Ramadhan has been great, but it’s long gone (or is it?) & I’m ready to move on & try out different types of fasts & abstinence. If I had to practice lent for, say, a week, I’d give up… Crunching ice. (I love most things cold, ice-blended, and have been trying out warm teas these few months). I’d also give up my blog, or simple, the net. Then I’d give up music, because I absolutely love my headphones (a reminder of last night when I let my sis try out my sony headphones; gives you a new appreciation & understanding of music, she says) & my old generation iPOD that Shany gave me. It has a cool, in-your-face metallic lime green that I don’t even want to paint it over with my nail polishes. Also, I’d give up… junk food. As much as I’m a green head & organic food-lover, I’m also a food-lover, in general. When I’m on the island, I love stopping at my favourite bakery and purchasing my daily (or weekly, it depends) lemon cake (not too sweet, but still hits the spot!) & grabbing a home-made scented soap at the same time.. I’d also give up using the shower in my room (I’d still shower, mind you) because it reminds me of everything beautiful and luxurious. That’s it… Those physical & material things are the things I’d give up… But at the same time, as human beings we attach meaning to everything. -And this is the symbolic-interaction perspective that we’re talking about in sociology class. Then, so… is anything truly material and only physical after it has gone through a process of time and adaptation to who you are, what you feel, etc? Essentially, I think not. But maybe that’s just me… I get rid of things, clutter, clothes that I don’t love or attach heavy meaning to it. Then again, no harm in trying this other type of fasting, I’d say. Ramadhan’s only over if you want it to be. I believe that every day, every night can be just as magical, just as great.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I love this post of yours. If there’s one thing hard for me to give up, it’d be the net.

    Kim, you are beautiful and I truly miss you. I miss listening to your thoughts, I miss having the presence of your values in my life, I miss you!


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