It’s a Date, I Hope.

I should sleep by twelve. I’m not longer forever twenty-one (sadly, reality hit me just the other day when I mistakenly told someone I am 21! Haha!). But I’ve got rainbow all around me. And butterflies, too. I’m thinking about juicy Anna Karenina. Dreaming about ice-cream (Am I a sweet tooth after all? Say it isn’t so!). Feather-shaking to Enya. Scheming about the greens. (Not environment, but the other kind of green, sighs).

Oh & Shany’s on the island. & I just found out from my visionary/dreamer/kite friend who calls me at odd hours of the day to tell me he just woke up that… (whew)… The Arts for Grabs is this coming weekend! It’s a date with Shany & me!

Tra-la-la-la! Joy Joy! & I’ve got my own little projek to inspire myself to get moving. IMO, though, the Arts for Grabs was so much better a few years ago. Oh please please make it bombastik this time around!

Yikes~ I just thought of a name for my projek… “BOMBASTIKA”.

I can just imagine it. Inspiration. *Stars*. Organik.

& I’ll tell you about it later!


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