Yesterday’s Day-Out & Tomorrow’s Wishlist

The second day of Raya was… the predictable roller-coaster. (I wish I could put the photos up here, but I don’t have a converter thingi at the moment). We drove around the island; lucky for my sis who left today, she got royal treatment! We had chinese food. And on the way back, as the high talks & low silents hung in the air, and after my coffee was snapped by another coffee-lover, I made a wish and it came true. -I indulged in my triple scoop ice-cream embedded in a nice, sweet and crunchy cone, and surprising myself, topped with whipped cream and those edible little rainbow confetti… (Ohh, I can talk more about food now!) I also got colourful bangles that go kaching-ching-ching-ting! & some glitterful tattoos that made my time :).

But yesterday’s gone and today’s another wake-up late & miss-breakfast day. It drizzled & I’m ready to start anew. I’m going out with a girl who can turn the sky around & I hope to catch something funny, something royal blue, and something that will make me dwell longer.

This day’s/month’s/year’s wishlist (that’s because I can be a big procrastinator, so you never know):

-Get sneakers/walkable shoes, something that has a great solid, in-your-face COLOUR (somehow my two still wearable shoes just magically disappeared; they were cheap but one was 2nd hand & both were cheap… sigh)

Rainboots (I don’t know WHY we don’t wear them; it rains all-year-round… & I’m determined to get a pair that doesn’t make me look like Phua Chu Kang)

Yoga mat (possibly, something that’s not plastic-y). I did yoga for 5 minutes the other day, listening to enya. It. was. peace!

Fix camera/watch/anything digital that needs fixing (Some might call me anti-technology -you know who you are!- but I love sci-fi movies & cool techy gadgets that I love, that love me back -my iPOD earphones (like 6 years now) & sony headphones (2 years?) & my MacBook (4 years or so)

Stevia, alternative to sugar/honey

-Fennel tea (I love trying teas, and non-flavoured type; my favourites are camomile, japanese green tea, wild dandelions)

Can opener, the manual types but the types that we last me a life-time, too

-Check eyes & teeth. It’s been a year plus since I checked my eyesight (it’s sad because I think… I’m partially blind) & teeth… I think Penangites of my generation especially wouldn’t fear going to the dentist -it’s just that now we need to push ourselves to go because in primary & secondary school, the dentist (run by the govt.!) near my school provided buses every week. I had a lot of cavities, so there even a point for a month, they’d call me over every week! My favourite part of the visit (besides drinking the hot, sweet sweeeet milk) was the little hand-made figurines of awkward, interesting animals hanging from every dentist’s chairs. After the nurses checked & cleaned your teeth, they’d untie those cute little toys made out of sequins, threads, the new & clean cotton stuffings they’d usually use on your teeth… I would get excited if I got to sit at a chair with more than a dozen toys -more choices, that way! -And if they thought I was cute (mostly based on my gapped teeth), they’d give me more than one! Joy!

-Colourful, knee-long socks -to go with my kick-a$$ shoes!

-Something for Shaba, because she’s been wanting something from Penang for a while now 🙂

-Something… something royal blue! Because I love blue. Blue is like rainbow!


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