(Almost) Last Week

…of classes!

Things I LOVE:

reading allen ginsberg’s biography by barry miles (goosebumps!); tomorrow’s lunch date for the three musketeers!; dreaming about organik lollipops mmmmm; peanutbutta dreeeam; wild dandelion tea with sugar; awesome beats (i love them bass) -gavin degraw’s free ~indian summer & free; nigerian flags & lites! & food with nadine & asna! -can someone say “egusi”?; washed-blue heart-shaped mat; comforters & pillows & blueblueblue!; gots to feel like a dance; wikileaks makes me smile & so does gala!; curvilicious; running pendant & owl; gufetto & antonio; hearing goodnews from the Girl that Turns the World Aonrud/Girl with Eclectic-Electric Green Hair; dreaming about the things that i’ve ever lost in this universe -regretting the sentimental -blue heart-shaped & disco ring; che guevara & cigar; sleep-ins; pancake mix not mixing anywhere; one month holiday, suckersss!; royal blue shirt in your face; white-collar t-shirt crumpled smelling of Spicey-Sweet Cinnamon

and leaving to BE the night away!


One response to this post.

  1. E G U S I !!!!!!!


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