It’s another Monday, another day that I’ve awaken to the grey-blue sky at 6:30am. I’m taking two political thought subjects this semester and two other english literature subjects. If I had to choose, I’d take those two as a double-major. But not in this place and time. I’m still trying to plan ahead, to estimate in a way if I’d want to do my masters right after my degree, or if not, what would I do after I’m done here in this university.

At times, I’ve realized, growing up in an environment that does not appreciate either skills and talents, or ‘simply’ reason, pushes you to become even more so. It either breaks you or makes you into who you will become. Parts of me still wants to be that architect, just like my childhood penpal Kim Williams, or just like Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright. A big part of me still wants to be that painter, and still is..

If I could endlessly list down all the things I want to be, I’d be the following dreams (make reality):

writer (poet), painter (abstract & prints/designs), activist-environmentalist, cafe+bookstore owner, book-keeper & bibliographer, flower-collector/arranger, teacher/lecturer, traveller,…. and the list will go on and on…

For now, it’s class-time!


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