It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. & I miss it!
So much has happened in the previous semester. Political agendas, lost friends, new books to read & discover in Mr. Colonial’s class & a lot more drama-rama to go around.

However, instead of hovering all over it, something’s are better left unsaid & after brewing & boiling, it is best to leave the cooking (& the cook) to simmer.

Today I woke up feeling better & these are a few things I love today, yesterday & last year, that I will still, I’m sure, love next year. I wrote down in my old notebook:

butterfly pea flower tea ; twiddledum + twiddledee ; the colour purple ; the twinkle of the sea ; easy green & hammock ; thoughts ; big black ant in bag ; the smell of lemongrass ; everything warm & confy ; fire-burning tail squirrel ; cool office ; HokeyPokeyHoneyComb ; reminders of Robin Hood ; Spain ; Roxette’s “How Do You Do!” ; John Locke ; ____’s Into the Sea ; oldnotebooks ; Adele ; Michael Pollan ; heroes & heroines ; homehomehome ; thrift ; Nim Chimpsky (you have to google this!) ; & “may you live in interesting times”


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