Rainbow Birthday

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday & I had a BLAST!

I’m not like those who become depressed because I’m turning a DAY older (aren’t we, everyday?)… In fact, I love wrinkles (I believe that is what makes a gorgeous smile) and grey hair (like Storm!). But I do get a bit frustrated when things don’t turn out quite as planned. Besides friends and family who care about me, I did some digging & found beautiful websites & blogs that help made my day a worthwhile one:

* Gala Darling’s post on How to Have a Freak-Out-Free Birthday

* Jessi’s Rainbow Birthday website. This was her 31st birthday, which was last year. Jessi loves colour & decided to dedicate her birthday with a different colour outfit at every hour of her party!

With a little bit of glitter in my brain & rainbow nail polish on my fingernails, I cooked up the following fun-filled day-before-my-birthday!

* I invited my friends over from Kuala Lumpur. Six of them showed up & one Penang friend!

* Visiting my favourite places on the island with my friends! -A scent-ful secret garden, an Italian restaurant which has home-made pasta & creme brulee, & a little cozy bookstore!

* Dark chocolate custard with mascarpone cheese. I usually make blueberry custard with the cheese, but blueberries weren’t so good that day at the market.

* I ordered and custom-designed rainbow cake with dark chocolate ice-cream! When I went to pick it up with my family, the lady at the store said it was the best ever rainbow ice-cream cake she’s seen! Aww… :.)

* Doggie / goodie bags individually designed for my friends and plus-two who couldn’t make it! I was SO caught up in it, I forgot to take pictures! I randomly filled the bags with a plethora of vintage finds, artwork, home-made cookies from a local bakery, Penang maps and tour guides, dried flowers, seashells, stamped envelops, love-wishes and tore up pop-art ads from magazines.

So much more to talk about! But I guess pictures speak louder than words. So, enjoy!

Have a happy, fun day!



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