The After Birthday

I’m surrounded by all the gifts I received for my birthday & it’s an amazing reminder of just how much I’m being loved & taken care of. Though some family members & friends didn’t flood my room with gifts, I still take it that I’ve received an unspoken prayer from them!

This week I’m still taking time to rest & chill at home, though the occasional hoo-ha outside calls me to take pictures in the garden, eat pesto pasta & visit one of my favourite second-hand bookstores. And before starting work this Monday, I’ll be dancing with a friend who’ll be wearing a yukata this weekend… I’m still wondering what my outfit will be, though I read that a traditional dress will do… Hmmm… I don’t know just yet, but I’ll be doing a bit of research there.

Today’s activities were fragments of here and there, impromptu & unplanned.

These are the things I love today, things that made my day seem so much better; balancing the whole “I don’t want to be dictated” & “I need to be alone” act with a truck of gems & glitter dust.

I did well:

being a mischievous mumbling elf at the kitchen ; going through recent pictures (see me & chin eng, at the bottom there) ; eating left-over party desserts for breakfast ; squeezing a few dozen oranges for a sick someone ; his coffee & rice & chicken ; sunshine juice & soft sherbet ; perez & art ; wearing a cool hat while typing this ; pink nail polish that reminds me of colours & the word “gaga” & gala darling ; soap from my friend dina ; coolness of the night & dogs barking ; teeth & showing teeth ; more rainbow ice-cream cake ; tags ; calls after 5 ; mental plans ; excitement for new projects ; shakespeare’s blockhead ; & more & more & more . . .


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