Blue & Peach.

When it gets too much tomorrow, I’ll take a step outside. Go for a walk. Buy flowers. Smile at a kind stranger & maybe bump into my winking monk. I’ll wear sparkling dust on my cheeks & hands & think of the amazing-ness that this world truly has to offer.

Things I Love Today (although technically yesterday):

discovering that I have a NEW & AWESOME skill (one which cannot be revealed…just yet, but it involves STAMPS) ; laughing with cousins ; solitary lunch ; veggie burger + miso soup (YUM!) for dinner ; realizing that I may have soy intolerance -more of the liquid type so far (it’s sad because I’m a vegetarian, but intriguing because I learn something about myself!) ; wearing bangles that go ka-ching! ; being invited to a swimming destiny this Saturday! ; awaiting Sunday because it will be wonderful ; electric blue nail polish that goes tah-dah! ; a beautiful comment & inspiration from Jo, a freelance writer with an amazing aura! -and who resembles Julia Butterfly Hill! ; late night talks ; black sesame seeds ; lugging around tea in my bag ; thinking about rainbow Holi ; thinking about all the wonderfulcrazy people in my life ; 2:26 ; getting the bitching out of my system ; dreaming of peaches & blue cheese pizza (& think they’re my latest favourite colour combination!) ; being simply, simply being .


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