Sleepy Sunday

Things I Love This Week

being around friends ; getting my results ; trying to adjust ; helping to pack + seeing Luka off & bombing him with colourful dye ; meeting new people -a Peruvian musician + a mellow island-hopping guy who gave me a seashell bracelet ; lime juices ; flea market at 6AM & then a 10AM ; Roselyn’s vegan cookies + fettuccine ; meeting Italians, one with a semi-dancing kid + with Wolverine-like features + braids ; surprises ; looking forward to percussion class ; lying down on the road & field ; parading around town, dreamlike ; roti canai in the middle of the night ; call from home ; sleeping in on Sunday ; getting a call from a friend who was sleeping & ask why I was calling her! ; old locks & keys ; books & books & books . . .


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