Washing Machine of Life: How To Get Out

I’ll be honest with myself & say that I didn’t have much of a holiday during the full 3-week semester break. It wasn’t much fun, with emotions & drama flying around -not like fireflies, but more like fire! & fighting fire with fire does not always work. The beginning of this semester was particularly tough (yes, I say that to myself all the time), but this time was both mentally & physically tiring. I hate the phrase “with every cloud, there’s a silver-lining” -it bothers me because it sounds so ‘half-glass’ -I’d always rather be OUT THERE & confronting the obvious elephant in the room. -It’s not silver. Sometimes it’s plain grey & trying & trying & trying to be better, happy & up-beat becomes counteractive & is ironically a kill-joy. Sometimes I feel like shutting up completely in class where I’m usually chatty, or laughing out loud in the middle of an uptight city. And I do.

Convincingly, you don’t know how you got out of the circling, mundane washing machine of life, but you do & you forget to write it all down because what if (you think to yourself), what IF you fall back into the whole quantitating process? You count the days to pass, you want to get out, but you forget how or the old ways simply don’t work anymore.

Here comes out the random list that I’ve mash together in times of crisis, when we all need to eat is more than a plate full of potatoes:

* do something opposite & upside-down of what you’ve been doing. if you’ve been a social recluse, get out & meet all of your favorite people. -together & all at once. if you’ve been a party animal, tone it down totally. go for a walk, to the bookstore, for lunch in a quiet cafe, by yourself.

* in-grain in your head & repeat to yourself: “health first. no compromise.”

* eat something different. eat your favorite BUT healthy foods.

* caffeine & sweet drinks away. drink tea & water & fresh veg/fruit juice instead. bring a water (not plastic) bottle with you & save some money at the same time.

* take multi-vitamins on days you haven’t been getting enough nutrition. see if there’s a change.

* get enough sleep. just enough sleep. you decide how much.

* have a “me” time everyday.

* when you’re feeling stressed, assess the moment: what makes you stressed & why. take deep breaths. start again.

* be around cool people who get their work done on time. learn from them. learn from you. (someone once told me that the most busiest man has the most time).

* exercise in the funnest ways YOU think is possible. dance to rock music. run at odd hours. frisbee. yoga in the mornings. walk after a meal. stretch when stressed. box or shadow box. kite. play tag.

* write or draw & make crap art in your journal or a piece of paper. don’t think, just do. then bless yourself with compliments!

* do something YOU want to do. for once. just do. instead of “be”, we’re all -like a friend said- becoming.

* get out of your city! go somewhere else for a few days or even a day! take time off & be good to yourself.

* return from your getaway. look at how your getaway experience & everyday life can be fused, creating yourself a magical world of possibilities.

❤ ❤ ❤



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