OH dear… These Few Months!

I just lost a whole blog post. And well, I have to run! But here’s a quick/short one…

Things I Love These Few Months:

making quinoa with mushrooms + avocado + basil + cheese with friends for dinner ; walking around the city (‘the calm’) after ‘the storm’ ; drinking lots of teas + juices ; eating lots of veggies ; books galore! ; celebrating may babies + birthdays ; dancing happiness ; knowing myself a little better -strengths + weaknesses ; knowing that it’s hard to be objective ; knowing that you & other people can be objective ; learning to let go ; listening + buying + receiving awesome music ; writing papers, altho with imperfection -which my father use to call the “author/writer’s touch” ; attractiveness cannot only be on the surface altho in many instances it may seem that way ; taking time to react to something ; opposing viewpoints with friends & yet, here we are, having nasi lemak breakfast & talking oh-so-loudly in a public library ; that grades matter but they don’t matter only ; bringing a sibling into my teaching world ; the movie The Lady ; home is always home but you can make your own family too . . .



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