Bigblue Marble

This page is filled with the itsy-bitsy things I love in life, in this big blue marble!

~God, funky family, close-knitted friends & soul mate (i’m a believer!)
~little miracles in life (two birds out on the balcony that visit for a good night’s sleep; being at the right place at the right time with the right people -it has happened)
~great food (raw, organic, vegetarian, vegan –anything good for the soul)
~running, stretching
~laughing over a good game of snakes & ladders
~reading something politically inspiring; say…. che, mao, lenin?
~the activists, artists that help make the world go round and round
~the alternative
~music that beats to my soul
~professional amateurs; master jack of all trades
~the soothing rain that drowns the beatings of my piano playing


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