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Even when it’s hard.
Even when the sky is falling.
Even when they’re yelling.
Even when there’s no beauty, but ugliness is beauty.
I believe in magic.

I believe in magic.
Even when it’s an imitation.
Even when it’s only an effort, not perfection.
Even when we’re all thieves, but we don’t steal time we don’t care for time;
we steal the rich.
I believe in magic.

I believe in magic.
Even when the scars are still seen.
Even when there’s no more respect,
we don’t need respect,
we need to get mad. and we do. and that’s magic.
I believe in magic.

I believe in magic,
even if it’s only my imagination,
even if it’s only a monk winking
and telling me
it’s not.

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Beautiful Sunday, everyone!

It’s starting to rain, just what I need from yesterday’s meltdown!

I’ve finally made a twitter account & I’m absolutely loving it! Unlike my Facebook account, I’m opening up my twitter, making it more public & it’s nice to see the different people who follow you…

I’ve got DanielleLaPorte who’s following me, who I adore for her sassiness! & yokoono who has mind-boggling & surreal quotes on her twitter!

And of course, I’m following xoBetseyJohnson, OccupyWallSt & of course juliabfly!

So what are you waiting for? Follow me! ❤

Don’t stop talking politics

Don’t stop talking politics
although the government got you by your knees
allowing you to beg, allowing you to please
Don’t stop dying your hair in red
though the ministers are hanging
by their toes in golden threads
Don’t stop polluting
the agenda with your snipes
when your head is heavy, holding
someone else’s behind
Don’t stop shooting
with yellow, flowers and speeches
against their acid cleansing, boots
where they will oneday walk in shame
Don’t stop the music of
the people and the war of peace
where ladies and men, as old
as the earth
strut out, walk out, to leave
-to leave the graves of the young
to hold heavy against the skies (light)
that light up for the sinning sun (and tears)
Don’t stop your tears
stop your fears
or the elections will let you done.

This Week + Saturday Love

My prayers to Oslo.
My heart to William Bourdon!

Things I Love This Week:

first week of work ; William Bourdon & wife (fiance?) ; The Pleasures of Slow Food by Corby Kummer ; discovering Zoetica ; hanging out with Aishah by the sea ; bird plaster & pink chipped ; old cameras & new old cameras ; Diana F+ & blackbird & manyothereyebirds ; durian puffs ; “break” ; banana leafs + drizzle + pictures + people ; asylum + amnesty + “help me” + beige ; gala darling’s latest post -an excerpt from her radical ❤ bootcamp which I wish I could geeett! ; the remains of a birthday cake ; words like "wild flowers" "diva" "vendetta" "freedom" & "mist" . . .

* * *

All That Yelling

“They’re all in a dream world,” he says. I feel my chest tightening. I can’t breathe.
All I want to do is to play some good music, drink lime-scented water, and drive. Drive far, far away.
That isn’t so much to ask, you think. I know. I know this too well.
But when someone else tries to dictate your life, tries to play with sticks & stones, & birds & cats, all you need is to hire a lion tamer, bring in a few characters from Big Fish, & travel the world with your mind.
Many people I’ve known have been to many places. I know I haven’t, but I will.
My room, after all, is a gypsy room. Filled with suitcases, travel-worthy books, owls & a few scarves when it gets too, too cold. Mostly 2nd-hand junk, which I live on. I live on you, I live on me. It’s great.
And I will travel.
And when I do, I’ll bring my broken wings along with me.
To remind me that, life is sweet, whether your grass is green, blue, sepia, or multi-coloured.
By then I hope to have my own lomo camera & a great big sketch book to scratch all my lovelies.

As an end note, here’s to Bukowski & to traveling:

the free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it -basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.

“I Want to be Superwoman!”

Somehow I just can’t totally unpack my birthday box… They make me so happy; little love letters from the world!: scraps of paper, unused & used postcards, unused & used birthday cards, different blue hued pastels, a cardboard part from an Elvis Costello album, black tea with oil of bergamot & lavender from Dina, a small Marilyn Monroe zip-purse, a pink Baskin Robbins spoon, blue heart-shaped post-it notes, white-pink candles, busted balloons by Roselyn, Asna, Syafiq & I, party poppers, Queen Latifah perfume sample, wrapping paper, blue string, a musical box, discount coupons for massages & a rainbow skull pen! Most of the things I packed myself; others were presents/gifts from family & friends.

I start work on Monday & I’ve printed out some things work-related. I’m nervous-excited, though things aren’t as escalated as they can be yet. (Wait for Sunday night!). I’ll be working with a human-rights organization concerning issues I’m passionate about. As the saying goes, “Do what you love; the money will follow” and “Do what you love; you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. There’s a scary thing about it, though… At the back your mind, there’s a little devilish voice that says, “Hehe, wait & see, you silly optimist…”.

"Nobody Loves Me!"

But that’s just a hint of lunacy talking. I know better. After my readings of inspiring blogs & going through volunteer experiences, here are 5 things I’m mustering up for Monday & the sixty or so days ahead:

1. Don’t expect too much, just do & be. It is what it is,… depending on how you look at it & how you want it to be.

2. On good days, smile. On bad days, laugh it off. Good or bad, you always have a home to return to, a comfortable bed to lie on.

3. Remind yourself why you’re here. Remind yourself you have a right to be here.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know. Regardless of what they say, ignorance is not a weakness, and knowledge is not the only strength. There’s passion & experience. Use it.

5. Besides your work, always find time. -To eat, to breathe/take a break, to meet new people, & to say “please & thank you”.

I’ve always believed that people can receive great advice… if only they were to listen to themselves. I don’t like calling anyone a hypocrite (would I like to be called one?), or calling people a contradiction of themselves… Sometimes we tend to be in a bad mood, or down & so we pick on others & say that they’re the cause for us feeling so-and-so. In reality, we do this when we feel like we’re not in ultimate control of things.

I remember someone telling me when I was younger that no one can force you to do anything. So no one can force you to feel sad, or happy, or angry. At the end of the day, we choose what to wear, what to feel, who to be with. So wear it, or donate it. & I believe that if no one should feel the way you’re feeling, then we shouldn’t be the pity party, or play Superman or Superwoman in this either.

Every single day, we grow an hour, a minute, a second older. So I don’t think I’ll empty out my birthday box yet. This ensemble of prettiness lets me celebrate the sunlight, the shadow, the moon, the howling wolf, the crying cat, & all the colourful rainbow creatures in this world & beyond . . .

I don’t want to be Superwoman. I just want to be Super!

Rainbow Birthday

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday & I had a BLAST!

I’m not like those who become depressed because I’m turning a DAY older (aren’t we, everyday?)… In fact, I love wrinkles (I believe that is what makes a gorgeous smile) and grey hair (like Storm!). But I do get a bit frustrated when things don’t turn out quite as planned. Besides friends and family who care about me, I did some digging & found beautiful websites & blogs that help made my day a worthwhile one:

* Gala Darling’s post on How to Have a Freak-Out-Free Birthday

* Jessi’s Rainbow Birthday website. This was her 31st birthday, which was last year. Jessi loves colour & decided to dedicate her birthday with a different colour outfit at every hour of her party!

With a little bit of glitter in my brain & rainbow nail polish on my fingernails, I cooked up the following fun-filled day-before-my-birthday!

* I invited my friends over from Kuala Lumpur. Six of them showed up & one Penang friend!

* Visiting my favourite places on the island with my friends! -A scent-ful secret garden, an Italian restaurant which has home-made pasta & creme brulee, & a little cozy bookstore!

* Dark chocolate custard with mascarpone cheese. I usually make blueberry custard with the cheese, but blueberries weren’t so good that day at the market.

* I ordered and custom-designed rainbow cake with dark chocolate ice-cream! When I went to pick it up with my family, the lady at the store said it was the best ever rainbow ice-cream cake she’s seen! Aww… :.)

* Doggie / goodie bags individually designed for my friends and plus-two who couldn’t make it! I was SO caught up in it, I forgot to take pictures! I randomly filled the bags with a plethora of vintage finds, artwork, home-made cookies from a local bakery, Penang maps and tour guides, dried flowers, seashells, stamped envelops, love-wishes and tore up pop-art ads from magazines.

So much more to talk about! But I guess pictures speak louder than words. So, enjoy!

Have a happy, fun day!