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Even when it’s hard.
Even when the sky is falling.
Even when they’re yelling.
Even when there’s no beauty, but ugliness is beauty.
I believe in magic.

I believe in magic.
Even when it’s an imitation.
Even when it’s only an effort, not perfection.
Even when we’re all thieves, but we don’t steal time we don’t care for time;
we steal the rich.
I believe in magic.

I believe in magic.
Even when the scars are still seen.
Even when there’s no more respect,
we don’t need respect,
we need to get mad. and we do. and that’s magic.
I believe in magic.

I believe in magic,
even if it’s only my imagination,
even if it’s only a monk winking
and telling me
it’s not.


postcards letters to fall
post-its up and matte brush over,
skin-ing deep down eyes to
laugh bet-ween your heavy skies-
winter you’d go on
wet summer, all day gone.


slumming in the sea, tasting salt for the first time
intentionally drowning myself into my existence of calm
i want to get away from the person next to me, the person
next to me, always the one next to me.
to breathe my own space, to glide my hair in non-carey-sense
to sipp slow on my own lies, me, just me, alone.


I’m thinking about joining a slam.



Ramadhan morning.

But the light is different, shining beyond orange and pinkribbon-ed smiles.
Even the music taps to your blackboots like stars stuck on its soles.
Hands and tips of noses might just break off from the chill, hunger called.

If you answer,.. well..

Ignorance is bliss.

Enjoy the moment of being. Less needing, less consuming.

Just being, blissing.


I’m going through my playlist, trying to figure out which song to use for the poetry scansion (dissecting a poem in a way) before I run off for a friend’s birthday party… There are soo many good songs out there. I cherish listening to slow and steady love songs by out-there rock bands, and re-discovering musicians and singers I haven’t heard in a while… It’s beautiful, magical, this world of words and sounds.

Truth be told, I don’t just want to dissect them and cut them up, analyzing every bit and parcel of its molecular make-up, I want to engulf it, swallow it, make it whole, make it one with me. And that’s why memorization is so important. Like how we remember our favourite songs by heart (and even those annoying tunes that get stuck in our heads), if only it were the same with poetry!

I enjoy memorizing words and notes to songs -for choir in high school, to the choir representing Penang, it was hard work, and late nights… But sore throats later, you already miss the songs while singing them on performance night. You know that nothing is better, than those lights and those people hiding behind the flashes… But they disappear totally when the orchestra tunes into the wavelength of the choir, as the conductor waves his hands like a maniac on fire.

These few days I was thinking about ideas being stolen and not credited or appreciated… Then I remember what my father says, “No one really owns ideas.” And so I let them go, and the music and bands that I love, the powerful lyrics they possess, I do not control or cage them, they’re here to take and be loved..

These are the people & poetry & music I love (though it’s important to note, I haven’t heard everything from everyone):

corinne bailey rae, matchbox 20, 3EB, ben harper, maroon 5, the shins, andrew bird, collective soul, onerepublic, death cab for cutie, eskimo joe, fiona apple, foo fighters, gavin degraw, goldspot, jack johnson, jerome kugan, jimmy eat world, joe satriani, joss stone, just jack, keane, leonardo’s bride, the magic numbers, mika, paolo nutini, RATM, red hot chili peppers, sergio mendez, david guetta, sevendust, sandi thom, the shins, stacie orrico, the strokes, sugar ray, switchfoot, tilly and the wall, toploader, U2, the verve pipe, van hunt, vinnie clark, yann tiersen, westlife (i just had to put this)… and so much more!

And now, there’s only one thing to say…



Pink Flower

i yawn with deeelite
but i can’t; can’t sleeep tooonite!

if you make me a sandwich.,
i can probably make you rich.,

but nonooo
i still will be able to keeep aaaalight!