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OH dear… These Few Months!

I just lost a whole blog post. And well, I have to run! But here’s a quick/short one…

Things I Love These Few Months:

making quinoa with mushrooms + avocado + basil + cheese with friends for dinner ; walking around the city (‘the calm’) after ‘the storm’ ; drinking lots of teas + juices ; eating lots of veggies ; books galore! ; celebrating may babies + birthdays ; dancing happiness ; knowing myself a little better -strengths + weaknesses ; knowing that it’s hard to be objective ; knowing that you & other people can be objective ; learning to let go ; listening + buying + receiving awesome music ; writing papers, altho with imperfection -which my father use to call the “author/writer’s touch” ; attractiveness cannot only be on the surface altho in many instances it may seem that way ; taking time to react to something ; opposing viewpoints with friends & yet, here we are, having nasi lemak breakfast & talking oh-so-loudly in a public library ; that grades matter but they don’t matter only ; bringing a sibling into my teaching world ; the movie The Lady ; home is always home but you can make your own family too . . .


July, July

July, July
rain from the skie-s
will it be tomorrow, to wait
or today will change the same–

July, July
magical month running bye
to the middle of the month-to middle of the year
the weather falls onto hands
the great green dress
and to
exciting plans…

July, July
my muse, and so much more
to bring tears and then joy,
to sigh, late nights un-thread
dorothy’s shoes signing on tampered ground,
looking up, looking down,
no one else -you expect- to be around
-just you and that little voice in your head;
oh, that beautiful sound!

July, July
not for the perfect or the clean
but for the sinful and the mean;
for the honest and the playful
for the poor and the hopeful…

July, July
nothing really matters, when…
the clouds are dropping sunday pies.
nothing really matters, but
lying by…



Salaam / Hello to everyone! There will be a Recycling Collection Day this week. Please refer to the following details!

Time and Place

Date:Friday, June 13, 2008
Time:9:00am – 5:00pm
Location:PG Room (Below the KAED cafeteria), Kuliyyah of Architecture & Environmental Design
City/Town:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For now, we will accept aluminium, plastic and paper!

This is the first collection day for the Green Team (that is establishing itself on the campus). So do come and support us! All money received from the recyclable items will go to the students’ fund!

Do come and play an important part of the environment and the welfare of the students!
Merit-point system will be awarded!

Please refer to the attachment. For further details, do contact Kim (017-4184819).

Thank you.



This is my first post on Gila Green. To find out more go to the ‘About’ page.

I am here to let my views go wild about issues concerning the environment, Mother Nature and this Earth!

Feel free to blah along.